Time Zone update for DataOps Repository in Windows

Update timezone in postgresql.conf which is located by default in C:\app\Datagaps\DataOpsSuite\DataOpsServer\DatagapsDataOpsRepository\pgsql\data\postgresql.conf

Line 580: log_timezone = 'UTC'

Line 696: timezone = 'UTC'

Ex: for EST give America/New_York in place of UTC

After updating timezones restart the below service


TimeZone update for DataOpsServer

We need to edit with the required timezone in the "datagaps.properties" file as in the below lines

Line 11: spring.jpa.properties.hibernate.jdbc.time_zone=UTC

Line12: spring.jackson.time-zone=UTC

Ex: if we need EST we need to replace UTC with America/New_York

datagaps.properties file location in Windows

Default Location: C:\app\Datagaps\DataOpsSuite\DataOpsServer\Server\apache-tomcat\conf\datagaps.properties

after the update restart the below service

Datagaps DataOps Server

datagaps.properties file location in Linux

Default Location: /opt/datagaps/DataOpsServer/conf/datgaps.properties

after update restart dataops.service