To fetch the JSON data using CData. We need to install and activate CData python connector in DataOps engine.

Python connector is downloaded from the below link.

Once you download please follow the below steps.

To install it in linux.

1.  Extract the zip file which you have downloaded, there you will see 2 folder "help" and "unix" and 2 files "license.tx" and "readme.txt". 

2. Open the unix folder and copy cdata -json-connector with respective to your python version and paste it in some folder in linux machine.

3.  Navigate to the folder where you copied the cdata connector and install the CData python connector using below command.

   pip install cdata-json-connector-21.0.8090-python37.tar.gz

4. Once python connector installed you need to activate the Cdata Python connector. To activate you need to navigate to the installation directory where you find the CData lib files (/home/<sample>/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/cdata/installlic_json/) . And execute the below command to activate.


5. The above command prompts your details. Provide name, email and other information to activate the connector.