Datagaps offers a 30-day trial license for proof of concept (POC) at the customer location. Complementary support is also provided during this period so that the customers can try their use cases and request support while doing so.  Upon completion of the trial period, the customer can request a maximum of a 2-week extension to the trial license if needed. Datagaps will review the request and upon approval, share the license extension and complementary support for the additional trial duration. 

License beyond the complimentary Trial Period

Once the trial period and the extension expires, the customer has the choice of purchasing the license for conducting a prototype. Licenses are offered on a monthly or quarterly basis as long as the purpose of the purchase is to complete a prototype implementation before making a decision on the purchase. Standard support is provided during the paid trial. Customer may want to purchase the expert service hour in case they need help with the implementation of the pilot.