Report test plan with "data" option can be used to check the worksheet data accuracy by using set variance feature

Step1: Create a new Report test plan


Select 'Data' option as the 'Default Format' since we are primarily interested in verifying that data is returned by the worksheets. Add the workbook or views to the test plan, by either clicking the search icon or by dragging and dropping them from the connection tree in the 'Connection Explorer' on the right side.

  • BI Validator automatically takes a snapshot of the data for views added. If there will be any tableau dashboards having worksheets, BI Validator will get data for each of the worksheets.  with empty data, then the status will be showing marked as "Error".
  • Expand the view, by clicking on "+" on the left side. Click on the ellipse button under the results column and select the "set variance" option.
  • Enter the variance (%) against the columns in the popup window and select the unique key(s). Variance is only available for numeric columns. Click on ok button.


Go to the run tab and run the test plan, it will compare the baselined data with the latest data based on the unique key selected and the set variance entered in the "set variance" window in the reports tab.