Create OLEDB Connection:

  1. Prerequisite : ‘Microsoft.Ace.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is required to be installed
  2. Select OLEDB connection from the top menu >>

  3. Browse the excel file (only .xlsx file supported)  and click on Test button. It shows the message “Connected Successfully”.

  4. Click on save button to save the connection

Create Data Compare Test Plan:

  1. Create Data Compare Test Plan for “ReportToQuery” comparison type. Select the created excel connection as connection two.
  2. Create a Test Case by clicking on “Add Data Comparison”
  3. In the Report step of Test Case creation, on the target side, provide the query “Select * From [Sheet1$]"  (The 'sheet1' is the sheet name in the excel file)
  4. Then the query can be executed and Test Case Creation also can be completed