Parameters help users to customize the data they want to see in a report. Users can specify parameters in test plans after the reports are added. Depending on what parameters are set in a report, BI Validator will then execute the report.

In this article, we will walk you through the procedure to specify parameters by using the Cognos connection for a Report Test Plan.


  1. Open a Report Test Plan.
  2. Navigate to the Reports page.
  3. Add the report you want to specify parameters.
  4. Save the Reports page.
  5. Locate the Options column.
  6. In the Options column, click the Edit link.

  7. If you are prompted for credentials, enter them and sign in to your Cognos environment. Otherwise, you will see parameters in the Reports Browser.

  8. In the Reports Browser window that opens, select the parameters available for the Cognos report. As an example, we will select Country = Belgium, Product Line = Mountaineering Equipment, and Product Type = Binoculars, Climbing Accessories, and First Aid.

  9. Click Finish after the parameters are selected.

  10. Click the X close icon at the top-right corner. The parameters selected will now be shown in the Options column.
    When the test plan is run, you will see that the report contains data only for the selected parameters. See the image below: