Tooltips in Tableau provides a rich view of the interactive data visualization. Tooltips can be customized to show data from a worksheet as well. BI Validator helps automate the regression and functional testing of tableau view data but how to test Tooltip data in a Tableau view?

Below is an example of Tooltip in Tableau View:

In order to find a solution to the problem, it is important to understand how Tableau renders the data visualization to the end user. When a user opens a view in a browser, Tableau retrieves the underlying view data and employs a rich Javascript library to render the data visualization. Most of the interactions and tooltips shown in the data visualization are displayed by the Javascript library based on the underlying data that was retrieved initially thus avoiding the need to retrieve data from the Tableau server for every single user interaction. 

BI Validator supports two data testing scenarios for Tableau View Data: 

  • Regression testing of Tableau View Data 
  • Compare Tableau View Data with data from a SQL Query

For these two scenarios, users can specify a few options in the parameters columns as listed below: 

  • includeallcolumns (Default : false) : When the value is set to true, complete data for all the views in the workbook is included in the download. When the value is set to false, only the data relevant to the View is downloaded. This may include the Tooltip data depending on the value of the 'resultset' parameter. 
  • resultset (Default : Summary) : When the value is set to 'Summary', only the data shown in the UI without the Tooltip data is downloaded. When the value is setup to 'fulldata', Markup data is included in the download

Below is an example of parameters combination that will provide the Tooltip data: