BI Validator supports testing of Tableau Online, a cloud-based solution that allows users to share, distribute, and collaborate content created in Tableau. BI Validator uses a combination of Tableau Rest API and Tableau Javascript Library to execute tests on your Tableau workbooks. In this article, we will provide a high-level walk-through of steps that show you how to connect to Tableau Online.


  • If you are not signed up already with Tableau Online, you can do so by from the tableau site below: 
  • When Tableau Online account is configured using SAML Authentication (Active Directory), it does not create an account in Tableau Online directly. Tableau Rest API does not support SAML authentication at this point. So, a user will need to be created in Tableau Online directly instead of using SAML authentication.

    For more information, please refer to the following documentation:

    Please request your admin to create an account in tableau online directly.

Creating a Tableau Online Connection

The following are the steps to create a Tableau Online connection:

  1. Mouse hover over the BI Connection menu icon at the top and select Tableau.  The Add Tableau Connection opens with the Credentials page displayed.
  2. Complete all the required details as shown in the image below. Click Next.
  3. In the SSO/Web page, modify the attached (see below this article) selenium login script and import the modified script file.
  4. Test the BI Connection. If the connection is successful, you will see that all your projects, workbooks and views beneath the Tableau Online connection in the catalog tree.