In BI environment, it is very common for users to validate drill-down reports that are available in their reports. To test drill-down reports, you will need to use the Report Test Plan.

Below is the procedure that will walk you through the steps to include drill-down reports in the Report Test Plan: 

  1. In the Report Test Plan, navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Click the Options icon to open the pop-up.
  3. Specify the 'Drill Down Count' to 1. This setting tells BI Validator the number of levels to include for drill-down reports. For example, a drill-down report could have a link to another drill-down report. When this option is set to 1, it will bring only the first level of drill-down report and not beyond that.

  4. Next, drag and drop dashboards into the Report Test Plan so that BI Validator will automatically identify the underneath reports and get their respective Catalog XML. The Catalog XML for the report has the link (action link) to the corresponding drill-down reports. Every time you run the report test plan, BI Validator automatically compares the catalog XML as well. So if the link for the drill-down report is missing or broken for some reason, the Report Test Plan will automatically identifies.