There are two steps to configuring email notifications in ETL Validator - 

Step 1: One time setup to configure the SMTP Settings so that emails can be sent out from ETL Validator. 

Navigate to Admin Options -> SMTP Settings - 

SMTP Settings

SMTP Email Server : SMTP Server host name. You can check your SMTP server name from your email client or contact your administrator. For Microsoft Exchange, the SMTP connector may need to be enabled by your admin if it is not already done so before. 

SMTP Port : Port on which the SMTP server is listening

SMTP User : Email address of the user

SMTP Password : Password for the email address entered in SMTP User field. 

Server Certificate : Flag to indicate whether the SMTP server certificate errors should be ignored. 

Clicking on the 'Test' button will send out an Test email using the SMTP settings provided. 

Note : ETL Validator server uses IPv6 internet connection to send the email by default. If your IPv6 internet connection is disabled for some reason, ETL Validator server can be configured to to use IPv4 internet connection by setting the following JAVA_OPTS for the tomcat instance running ETL Validator : JAVA_OPTS=""

Step 2: Configure emails to be notified when Test Plan runs 

All the test plans in ETL Validator provide an option to configure email notifications on the test plan run results. To configure, click on the 'Notify' button in the 'Run' step of the test plan - 

Email notifications

Click on the add icon to add a new email address for notification on the test plan run results. 

Name : Name of the user

Email Address : Email Address where the notification will be sent when the test plan run completes

Notification Type : All Notifications - Sends an email notification whenever the test plan runs

                           Failures Only - Sends an email notification only when the test plan fails. No notification will be sent if the test plan status is a success.