There are two options for adding dashboard pages with prompts selected : 

Method 1: Capture dashboard page URLs using the built-in OBIEE integration

  1. Navigate to the 'Dashboard' (or 'Report') step of the test plan. This is usually the step 2 in the test plan, where you add new dashboards and reports. 
  2. Click the + plus icon at the bottom to open the browser window for your BI connection.
  3. Go to the dashboard page for which you want to capture the prompts and make the selections and  click Go
  4. Click the Capture button.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed and click the Add to dashboard button.
Note : BI Validator is certified with IE 9 for capturing dashboard go url's using the above method.

Method 2: Prepare a list of Dashboard page 'Prompted Links' in a text file and import them

  1. Open the OBIEE application in a browser and navigate to the dashboard page for which you want to capture the prompts and make the selections. 
  2. Select Page Options -> Created Prompted Link. The URL in the browser window is refreshed with the prompted link for the dashboard page.
  3. Copy the URL from the browser and paste it into a text file.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed and add the prompted link to the text file in a new line each time. Save the text file to a folder.
  5. Navigate to the 'Dashboard' page (the second page in the test plan) of the test plan.
  6. Click the Import button in the top right corner as shown below and select the text file with the prompted links.

    Note: Chrome is recommended when you have a large number of prompts because IE limits the URL lengths to 2083 characters.

Once the dashboard prompted links are captured, the prompt values can be edited by clicking the Edit button in the Parameters column.

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