The attached document explains the various parameters and the response codes for the Stress Test Plan. Also attached is a document outlining the list of DMS Metrics in the Enterprise manager that is useful to track during the stress test. 

Listed below is a brief explanation of the data available in the Web Response details download file from a stress test: 

*DOCPART : This is a term used internally by OBIEE to identify all the flash content for the reports within a dashboard page that is usually rendered after the initial page response has been received. Typically, the dashboard page shows 'Please wait loading..' message in the browser while it is waiting for the dashboard page flash content or charts to render. BI Validator automatically tracks the 'Initial Response' as well as the 'Docpart' responses which are available in the download.

Column Name Description
IDUnique Identifier for the dashboard page request or the corresponding report (docpart) request within the dashboard page 
TESTPLANIDUnique Identifier of the Stress Test Plan
TESTCASEIDUnique Identifier for the dashboard page in the test plan
TESTPLANRUNIDUnique Identifier for the Stress Test Plan Run. It is different for each run of the test plan.
RUNIDStress Test Plan allows for up to 5 runs with different concurrent user load. RUNID identifies the run based on the user selection
REQUESTTYPEIndicates the type of response - Initial Response or Docpart Response. Each OBIEE dashboard page response has one 'Initial Response' and one or more 'Docpart Responses' depending on the number of charts in the page. 
PAGENAMEName of the dashboard page
USERNAMEBI User name used for making the request
STATUSCODEHTTP Response code. A status code of 200 indicates an OK response. Alternatively a status code of 500 indicates Internal Error. The response is useful during the stress test because the BI server may start sending 500 or 400 HTTP responses as the load increases indicating that the server is not able to handle the requests. 
CONTENTLENGTHLength of the response content in bytes. The actual response is also stored and available from the BI Validator UI
STARTTIMEStart time of the dashboard page request
ENDTIMEEnd time of the dashboard page request
TOTALTIMETime taken for the response. Please note that the time take for the  'Initial Response' is the lowest for a given Dashboard page request. Each individual response time for the Docpart requests within the page is also shown. The maximum docpart response time for a given page is maximum time the Docpart for the page takes. 
USERCOUNTNumber of concurrent users that are logged in at time of making the request
RUNSTARTTIMEStart time of the Stress test run
RUNTIMETime when the dashboard page request was made related to the start time of the stress test plan. 
PAGEIDParent ID for the Docpart requests. For initial requests, the value is 0.