At Datagaps, one of the key challenges is our ability to empower customers to test with ease. ETL Validator is a very powerful and intuitive tool that helps you with just that. Here is a quick walk through showing how to create Oracle DB connection in ETL Validator. 


1. You are running ETL Validator on Windows.

2. You have ETL Validator Complete 3.4.5 or higher installed on the machine.

3. You have Oracle DB in your environment.


Step 1:  Launch ETL Validator

Step 2: Choose 'Add Data Source' Option in the top menu

Step 3: Choose 'Oracle' Option under 'Relational' menu

Step 4: Enter credentials and test the connection

Step 5: Ensure your connection is showing up in the list of Data Sources

You are now ready to get started with Oracle Database........ Happy Testing!!