BI Validator supports testing of SAP Business Objects 3.1, 4.0, 4.1 & 4.2. BI Validator supports the use of Business Object .Net SDK or the REST API to connect to the Business Objects environment. SAP is gradually phasing out the Business Objects SDK in favor of the REST API. The REST API was introduced in Business Object 4.x versions. SDK is the only option for connecting to Business Object 3.1. If the goal is compare Business Objects 3.1/4.0 with newer versions of Business Objects such as 4.1/4.2, it might better to use the .Net SDK.

As a BI Validator user you have the option to use either the .Net API or the REST API assuming that your BO is v4.1 or later. Some of the considerations for selecting the options are listed below: 

  • If you are trying to connect to BO v3.1 or v4.0, then the only option is the .Net API
  • The BO REST API server may not running in some environments. In such cases .Net API might be the only option

There are minor differences in terms of functionality between the BI Connection created using the .Net API and the REST API. The main difference is that the REST API connection allows retrieving of the prompt values along with the list of required prompts. 

Below is a screenshot of a sample connection to Business Objects the makes use of the .NET API : 

BI Launchpad URL : Should be provided in the format of 'http://<host name>:<port number>/BOE/BI'

CMS : Central Management Console (<host name>:<port number>)

User Name : Business Objects user name

Password : Password

Authentication Type : Provides a dropdown with the list of Authentication options


Rest Logon URL: Only needed when the SDK Type is REST. 

Your BO administrator might be able to help you in identifying some of the above details.