Tableau Online is the cloud offering of Tableau. BI Validator supports Tableau Online testing. It uses a combination of Tableau Rest API and Tableau Javascript Library to execute tests on your Tableau workbooks. 


  • When Tableau Online account is configured using SAML Authentication (Active Directory), it does not create an account in Tableau Online directly. Tableau Rest API does not support SAML authentication at this point. So the user will need to be created in Tableau Online directly instead of using SAML authentication.

    Please see below documentation for more details.

    Please request your admin to create an account in tableau online directly.

Connect to Tableau Online from BI Validator

Below are the steps for creating a BI Connection in BI Validator for Tableau Online.

  1. Create a BI Connection for your Tableau Online Site as shown below. 
    • Provide the Tableau online details as shown below  in the BI Connection
    • Modify and import the attached selenium login script in selenium connection settings as shown below
    • Test the BI Connection. Upon successful connection, you should be able to see your projects, workbooks and views in the catalog tree on the left navigation window