While PostgreSQL can be installed both in Windows and Unix environment, this knowledge post addresses the setup in a Windows environment. It is recommended that PostgreSQL database be installed on an SSD hard drive for better performance.

Step 1: Download and Install the latest version of ETL Validator Complete on the server machine

ETL Validator Complete comes with an embedded PostgreSQL repository which is installed as a Windows Service called "DatagapsETLValidatorDatabase". Additionally, it installs PGBouncer as a windows service ("DatagapsETLValidatorpgbouncer"). PGBouncer is the connection pool management software for PostgreSQL database. 

Step 2: Install ETL Validator Client on the Client machine and setup a new repository connection

Add a new repository connection from ETL Validator Client as shown below. Replace localhost with the host name of the server machine in step 1 above.

Step 4: Modify the Host Name of the Workschema connection to point to your PostgreSQL server host name

Step 5: Export the repository connection so that you can share it with other users: